Instruction Invitation: Pro Spot invites Canadian technicians to train in California

Las Vegas, Nevada ⁠— On Monday, Nov. 4, welding and repair equipment company Pro Spot took to MGM Golf Course in Las Vegas, Nevada to perform product demonstrations for Pro Spot’s trending equipment, inform the industry of the company’s plans in 2020, and to announce a training initiative for experienced technicians⁠—including those in Canada.

Art Ewing, marketing consultant and former marketing director for Pro Spot, led the presentation outlining the company’s training schedule for 2020. He discussed a new training initiative based in Carlsbad, Calif., where small classes of 10 to 12 experienced technicians can enroll in three-day sessions and learn all there is to know about Pro Spot’s i4S welders.

“We launched the i4S a couple of years ago, and it’s a very complex piece of equipment,” Ewing told the crowd. “What we aim to do with this training program is to make sure that our distributor technicians can come to Carlsbad and receive full factory training.”

The program, which has been in development for six months, aims to bring Pro Spot’s distributor technicians to Carlsbad to receive full factory training. Ewing even said the program would be available to Canadian technicians.

“We would like to bring the program up to Canada, but we just don’t have the resources to do that,” said Ewing. “We just think it’d be more beneficial to bring the Canadian techs down to Carlsbad. And you know what, taking a trip down to Carlsbad in the middle of January⁠—it doesn’t sound too bad!”

The company also revealed its new app. Brandon Lowder, general manager of Pro Spot, took the crowd through an app demonstration. The app⁠—which is for distributors, not customers⁠—will feature marketing promotions, ROI calculations, OEM certification assessment tools, technical training and much more.

Pro Spot also demonstrated welders, discussed a new line of abrasive products and discussed the company’s plans to launch a cordless mobile estimating system in the near future. It also revealed that Pro Spot is now approved by Audi, Porsche and Lamborghini. 

Check out Collision Repair’s exclusive photos from the event below!

To learn more about Pro Spot’s new initiatives, click here or visit booth 11239 at the SEMA Show.

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