Canadian scrap metal yard issued a stop-work order for noise complaints

By CRM staff

Toronto, Ontario — November 27, 2018 — For months the neighbors of the American Iron & Metal (AIM) scrap yard in Saint John, NB had been experiencing loud explosive noises, which has now resulted in the yard to temporarily idle its operations. 

A series of complaints from neighboring property owners had surfaced resulting the Department of Environment to issue a stop-work order to the company

While AIM CEO Herbert Black also referred to as the ‘Scrap Metal King of Montreal’ is defending the case by sharing with CBC News that the explosion noises are being mistaken for “vibrations.”

According to Black, AIM is also a victim to these disruptions and not the creation of them. They are generally caused when suppliers of auto hulks and other types of scrap conceal pressurized, sealed containers within the scrap they sell to AIM.

Currently, regulators are asking the scrap metal company to submit a plan in place to eliminate the explosions and noises that come with it within the next couple of months.

Black told CBC News, that AIM is working on a program to penalize suppliers who ship explosive materials.


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