Cable Chaos: Reports of stolen charging cable rising among EV owners

Toronto, Ontario — There is a new theft trend to occupy the back of your mind before you fall asleep at night, and this time it’s the electric vehicle owners that are in the crosshairs.

This latest crime trend to first make headlines in the Los Angeles area does not target electric vehicles themselves, but the expensive charging cables that help power them.

In a matter of seconds, thieves can stroll up to an EV that is charging unattended, simply unplug the vehicle from either end and make off with a re-sellable vehicle accessory that also happens to be full of copper wiring.

The ease with which this crime can be committed, combined with the high retail price of home charging units (even the very cheapest units tend to cost upwards of $200), make this trend all too attractive to thieves and police are doing what they can to keep the public informed.

NBC’s Los Angeles affiliate posted the following recommendations from police for how to keep yourself safe from this sort of crime.

  • Try to charge your car in a locked garage if possible
  • If you don’t have a garage, try to charge your EV away from street view
  • If charging in a driveway, use a padlock to secure an outdoor wall socket used to plug in the cable

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