By the Numbers: Repairify launches asTech’s Rules Engine, promises OEM and OEM-compatible module scans only

Plano, Texas — Repairify’s asTech has announced the deployment of the Rules Engine, presenting users with a diagnostic scan type for vehicles through the blue printing process and repair workflow.

According to a company press release, this system allows identification of all OEM modules, down to the year, model, make and trim, thereby affirming OEM and OEM-compatible scans for insurance carrier reimbursement.

“Our customers tell us one of their biggest challenges is remaining compliant with insurance carrier reimbursement guidelines for OEM diagnostic scans and calibrations. Meanwhile, insurance carriers tell us they will reimburse for OEM scans if shops can validate that it was the correct and safest way to repair the vehicle,” said Cris Hollingsworth, president of Repairify.

Rules Engine’s database is built on a combination of OEM and OEM-compatible databases, which Repairify says will default to OEM diagnostic services when an OEM-compatible tool is not available.

Finally, Repairfy adds that as of 2021, asTech provides remote OEM diagnostic customers with documented real-time electronic proof of the original OEM diagnostic scan report as part of its diagnostic reporting procedures.

For more information, contact asTech’s customer service team at (+1) 888-486-1166 or customerservice@astech.com.


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