Build Back Better: Dave Luehr releases article on improving shop performance despite uncertainty

Toronto, Ontario – People did their best to survive the various calamities of 2020; people are now doing their best to prepare for the unexpected in 2021, but for auto industry icon Dave Luehr, just prepared isn’t good enough.

In his most recent article from his Elite Bodyshop Solutions platform, Dave Luehr says this year it’s time to “Stop competing.” and “Start dominating.”

Luehr explores a handful of North American shops who were able to take advantage of the time afforded to them during last year’s uncharacteristically stagnant spring season for the collision repair industry and actually improve their shops since then.

The former shop owner turned business coach identified a number of key factors that led to the success of these exceptional shops, from their undeniable mental attitudes to their productive relationships with insurers.

A link to the full article can be found here.

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