Bon Voyage: Québec City ranks top for road conditions and happiest drivers, Kijiji Autos says

Québec City, Québec — When people call Québec “la belle province”, you probably aren’t thinking that they are describing beautiful road conditions, but according to a report from Kijiji Autos drivers in the province’s capital are generally more content on the road than those from other parts of the country.

The study measured respondents’ feelings on a number of driving factors, including satisfaction with road conditions in their city, opinions on the cost of owning a car in the city, how long they typically spend in traffic every day and how often they lose their temper behind the wheel.

The report found that of Canada’s top ten most populous cities, 72 percent of Québec City residents are happy with the conditions of their roads and 36 percent report that they have never lost their temper behind the wheel, despite the city’s relatively high time-in-traffic rate, which was recorded at 16.8 minutes per day.

At the other end of the spectrum, Toronto ranked as the “least happy” driving city in the country due to its nation-leading traffic times of 19.14 minutes per day and a comparatively lower road condition satisfaction rate of 58 percent.

As well, Toronto drivers are at the high end when it comes to opinions on the cost of vehicle ownership as 81 percent of Torontonians reported that owning a vehicle in the city is too expensive, as compared to 54 percent of Québec City drivers.

When it comes to mobile trash talk, 80 percent of drivers in the Hamilton, Ont. area admitted to losing their cool when driving, as compared to Québec City and Kitchener, Ont. who both boast the most serene driving experiences at 64 percent.


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