BMW Boosts E-Mobility: OEM moves into second phase of electrification plans

Toronto, Ontario — BMW is shifting it into high gear and moving into the second phase of its e-mobility plans. 

The luxury car company has now released three electric vehicles, which is only the beginning of the second phase. They are planning to deliver two million fully electric vehicles globally by the end of 2025. At the launch, Pieter Nota, a member of the board of management of BMW for customers, brands, sales said that they want to bring “electrification to the core of BMW.”

Even though the company is looking to the future when it comes to innovation with the EV’s having performance electric drivetrains, and new software, they are also wanting to bring a piece of the past with them. The new 2022 iX and two 2022 i4 models are paying homage to BMW’s 60’s Neue Klasse model by saying they are the next generation of the popular car model. 

“Right now we want to recreate what we achieved with the ‘Neue Klasse’ in the 60′s, where we actually made BMW – why everybody loves this brand,” said Domagoj Dukec, the head of BMW design during the launch video.

The company has also been looking at making its new models more eco-friendly. BMW is wanting to get rid of the use of rare earth minerals in its batteries for good and move towards making its facilities as sustainable as possible. Examples of this include BMW wanting to recycle water used in areas like the paint shop, generating their own electricity from hydropower adjacent to their factories, and getting their own water supply for production. 

Nota says that their new electric vehicles will have unbeatable performance and zero local emissions, so drivers know they are doing their part in protecting the environment while out on the road. Sustainable-minded drivers have a lot to look forward to when it comes to the Bavarian company as there is another EV set to come out in 2022 the iX M60, which is the first M-branded electric SAV.


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