Blizzard Buddies: Calgary names 78 snow plows as part of community contest

Calgary, Alberta — They say good things come in groups of 78. Actually, no one says that but they might start when they hear about Calgary’s snow plow fleet and the names bestowed upon them to the public as part of a community contest.

The city of Calgary launched a contest last fall asking the local school children to submit names for 78 of the city’s snow plows.

City officials sifted through almost 1,700 submissions to make up the “Class of 2022” before giving identities to a bunch of machines by way of a magnetic sticker.

Of all 78 approved names, some honourable mentions are owed to Gordie Plow, Melton John, Brinestone Plowboy, For Your Ice Only, Sled Zeppelin, Princess Sleighia, as well as Kóónsskoyi and si’kssopo, meaning “snow-covered” and Chinook in Siksika, respectively.

“We’d like to thank our students of all ages who helped us name our snowplows. We saw so many unique names, and while we couldn’t use them all, we can tell that the kids in our city are creative and have many interests,” said City of Calgary Roads spokesperson Chris McGeachy.

The full “Class of 2022” can be found here.

Swear fealty unto Plowy McPlowface, your saviour amid the snow.


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