Blend Brief: Blend study results reviewed by information providers, says SCRS

Palm Springs, California — The Society of Collision Repair Specialists’ (SCRS) recent blend study is making estimating system providers “reevaluate” the numbers they’ve been reporting, SCRS executive director Aaron Schulenberg told attendees at last week’s board meeting.

The study results, first released Nov. 1, showed blending took 31.59 percent longer than a full refinish–not 50 percent less time, as reported by three estimating platform providers. The study involved five primary North American coatings companies, who were not identified, and a full week of blend tests on 45 2018 Ford F-150 parts: 15 RT front door shells, 15 RT fenders and 15 hoods.

Both CCC/Motor and  Mitchell told Repairer Driven News in November they were reviewing the results of the SCRS’s audited blend study, in collaboration with five primary North American coatings companies. Mitchell told the outlet it was “always open to discussions with SCRS on the subject,” while CCC is working to “review observations, including scope, conditions, techniques and materials used.” The latter said it would share more once its review is concluded.

Schulenberg also stressed that none of the information providers in the study–CCC/Motor, Mitchell International and Audatex–were given the results in advance.

The full blend study report can be viewed here. 


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