Bertrand Supplies holds demos at Tony Graham Collision Centre

Demonstrating the capabilities of Pro Spot's aluminum welding station. Check out the gallery below for more photos!

By Mike Davey

Nepean, Ontario — September 21, 2016 — Getting the most up-to-date information on equipment is vital, and it often falls to the local jobbers and distributors to get that information out to the shops. Bertrand Supplies recently held a demo of new equipment at Tony Graham Collision Centre in Nepean, Ont.

Staff from PBE Distributors came in to conduct the demonstrations. The event was attended by about 25 repairers representing 16 different local collision facilities. Demos were conducted by Bruce Murray, Craig Pierce, Dave Pereira and Chris Haldane of PBE Distributors.

The products demonstrated were Pro Spot’s aluminum welding station with pulse MIG welder and the PR-5 self-piercing rivet system, the Hot Box paintless dent repair system, the Rail Saver from TG Products and Wedge Clamp’s Eclipse 3D measuring system.

Marc Bertrand is the co-owner of Bertrand Supplies. He says the MIG welder from Pro Spot received the most attention during the demo, thanks in part to its unusual design.

“It’s got three heads, one for each roll of wire: steel, aluminum and silicon bronze,” he says. “A big reason for this demo was to show the aluminum equipment. Aluminum has been the talk of the town for the last couple of years, but there are still guys who say ‘I won’t do that!’ You have to stay on top of technology or one day you won’t do anything.”

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