BASF’s design team expects a shift towards more colourful coatings


Southfield, Michigan — October 17, 2013 — For more than ten years, black, silver, white and, most recently, browns have dominated the automotive scene, but the BASF design team expects a shift to more colorful coatings in the future. An article in the latest issue of BASF’s Coatings Partner details future colour trends for North America, Europe and Asia. 

In his region, Paul Czornij, head of BASF Color Design in North America, observes a growing desire for individuality. “That’s why we are trying to develop colours that express at a glance: This is me.”

The trend colour green will play an increasingly important role in North America, with slightly yellow shades such as lemon. BASF has therefore reworked its greens in addition to colors like blue, dark red and brown and lent them greater depth and contrast.
The latest issue of Coatings Partner also includes articles on BASF’s partnership with Tesla, the electric vehicle manufacturer, and 25 years of partnership with wholesaler White & Peters. White & Peters has several locations throughout British Columbia, and is part of the Color Compass Corporation. 
The latest issue of Coatings Partner is available for download here



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