Bad to Worse to Worst: Surrey mother sues ICBC for charges to murdered son’s wrecked truck

Surrey, British Columbia – The mother of a murdered Surrey, BC man is attempting to hold the feet of British Columbia’s provincial insurance corporation to the fire for their inaction on her son’s insurance claim, filed nearly three years prior, according to a report from the CBC.

Marina Sokolovskaia’s son Alexander Blanarou was killed in a targeted shooting in Abbotsford, BC on Dec. 28, 2017.

One year earlier in November, Sokolovskaia, 56, and her husband agreed to cosign on the purchase of a Dodge Ram 1500 Crew Cab for their son. The truck was purchased new at a dealership for $56,372.97.

Within the year, Blanarou’s truck was stolen and badly damaged, leading him to file a claim with ICBC (Insurance Corporation of British Columbia).

“It caught us by surprise,” said Sokolovskaia. “All electronics and everything was [taken] out.”

However, after only one month of Blanarou’s claim being open, repairs were ordered to stop on his truck with no explanation from ICBC.

Given Blanarou’s tragic death in 2017, as well as his father’s guarantor status on his will, the family is forced to make $386 bi-weekly payments on a truck that Sokolovskaia says is worthless.

“I’m still continuing to make payments for something I never had,” said Sokolovskaia.

The family’s continued attempts to explain their situation to ICBC have fallen on deaf ears.

“They wouldn’t talk to me,” said Sokolovskaia, “They wanted to speak to Alex.”

Sokolovskaia claims she refused an offer from ICBC in July to repair the truck with used parts.

As a result, the family is suing ICBC for the full value of their son’s truck and their legal fees.

ICBC declined to comment to media on Sokolovskaia’s case as it is due before the court on Nov. 30.

A negative outcome for this case risks plunging the family into financial ruin—a risk the Sokolovskaia’s are willing to take.

“I’ll have to sell the house to pay off everything.”


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  1. I can’t believe ICBC yet again could make her wait this long for something that should have been completed (even with extraordinary circumstances) within a couple months. Years…..? Come on! Again no compassion just dollars.

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