Axalta’s Eye: White continues to top Global Automotive Color Popularity, but gray makes gains

Glen Mills, Pennsylvania ⁠— If you bought a grey vehicle in the last year thinking you’d stand out from the typical black or white-coated car, we’ve got some bad news for you. 

Axalta released its 69th annual Global Automotive Color Popularity Report, revealing the majority of cars on today’s roads are white (35 percent), black (19 percent) and gray (19 percent).

While white and black are no strangers to high-ranking positions on Axalta’s annual report, gray gained four popularity percentage points worldwide since last year. White, meanwhile, declined three percentage points, continuing the downtrend experienced since the hue’s long-term popularity hit a high in 2017.

For the third year in a row, Europe is the only major region to report gray as the most popular colour at 27 percent. Silver is most popular in South America as it ranks second place with 23 percent of vehicles sporting the shade. 

Black-clad vehicles are most popular in Europe at 22 percent, said Axalta, and continue to lead in the luxury segment.

The report also revealed that North Americans love their racer red hues; the continent touts the highest percentage of new red cars on the road at eight percent of the total new vehicle parc⁠—up one percent from 2020’s report.

Even still, white coatings dominate the North American vehicle park, with 24 percent of compact/sport vehicles rocking the shade; 28 percent of trucks/SUVs and Intermediate/CUVs; and 31 percent of Luxury/Luxury SUVs. 

The coatings company also said silver cars are waning in popularity in North America. 

Axalta began reporting on the industry’s coatings colour in 1953 and continues to report on colour trends and colour preferences. 

For more information, visit this year’s annual Global Automotive Color Popularity Report, Color Trend Report and Consumer Preferences Survey. Prior years’ reports can be found here.


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