Axalta opens new product development centre

Axalta application specialist sprays paint in the new facility. Axalta’s new product development centre allows the company to simulate a wide variety of North American climate conditions.   

Glen Mills, Pennsylvania — December 10, 2014 

Axalta Coating Systems is strengthening its performance testing capability by opening a new product development centre at its facility in Lionville, Pennsylvania. The centre is equipped with a state-of-the-art Global Finishing Solutions professional spraybooth and advanced HVAC infrastructure that enables specialists to simulate a variety of North American climate conditions. The simulation will help to assess refinish automotive paint application.

“Now application specialists can evaluate products in extreme environmental conditions and fine-tune a product’s application characteristics, if necessary. This should help us make a more robust product and get it to the customer faster,” says Stefan Reinartz, Axalta Refinish Product Manager. “Opening this facility is a testament to Axalta’s commitment to be the leader in product innovation and technology.”

Axalta’s refinish coatings range from surface preparation to undercoats, basecoats and high gloss clearcoats across a portfolio of brands that include Cromax, Standox, Spies Hecker, Nason, and Imron PowerTint. Axalta says each product is formulated to be effective in different climates and when coating various substrates such as metals, plastics and composite materials.

The facility is engineered to enable a quick turnaround from product development to launch.

“A more refined prototype helps to eliminate some of the iterative processes in field testing and should ultimately shorten the time to get a finished product to market,” says Burt Palmer, Axalta Product Manager.

The new centre is part of Axalta’s dedicated network of research and development facilities that focus on new products to meet evolving customer needs and evaluates ways to improve existing products. For more information on Axalta, please visit axalta.ca.


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