Autopilot Engaged: Tesla self-driving beta launches in Canada this month

Toronto, Ontario – Good news, techies! We’re one step closer to cars with Tesla’s so-called ‘Full Self Driving’ autopilot.

According to Elon Musk, the full self-driving (FSD) beta will arrive in Canada sometime in February. This is the first large-scale expansion of the FSD beta outside of the United States, following limited Canadian testing in late 2021.

“Will begin limited rollout to Canada this month. Safety is paramount, so we have to confirm no significant issues, given slightly different road rules,” said Musk, responding to a query on Twitter.

While the vehicle can technically drive itself, it requires the driver to be ready to control the vehicle at any point. If autopilot warnings are ignored by an inattentive driver, they will be locked out from using autopilot for that trip.

In response to the NHTSA’s Safety Recall Report, Tesla has removed the controversial “rolling stop” feature in a recent software update. According to the report, this was a driving behaviour that could increase the risk of collisions.

As of Jan. 17 the price for FSD has risen to $12,000 USD, said Musk. However, additional price increases can be expected “as we get closer to FSD production code release.”


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