Automakers in Attendance: Rivian to participate in Collision Repair mag’s EV Tour

Toronto, Ontario — Collision Repair magazine is thrilled to announce that representatives from Rivian’s Collision Repair Program will be at next week’s highly anticipated EV Repair Tour, supported by Fix Network.

This event presents a unique opportunity to connect with Frank Phillips, senior manager of the OEM’s Certified Collision Program, to learn more about these vehicles. Attendees will also have the chance to see a Rivian up close and seek advice on the OEM’s certification program requirements.

Rivian has quickly gained recognition as a pioneer in the EV market, known for its innovative designs, impressive performance, and commitment to sustainable transportation. With their all-electric SUVs and trucks, Rivian is reshaping the automotive landscape and setting new standards for eco-friendly mobility. As more Rivian vehicles take to Canadian roads, it becomes increasingly crucial for collision repair professionals to familiarize themselves with the intricacies of repairing these advanced EVs.

By tapping into Rivian’s expertise, attendees can enhance their knowledge and stay ahead in the rapidly evolving EV repair landscape. Building connections with Rivian’s collision repair program representatives can lead to valuable partnerships and collaborations, ensuring high-quality repairs for Rivian vehicle owners.

For more information on Collision Repair magazine’s EV Repair Tour, supported by Fix Network, visit evrepairmag.com/ev-repair-tour/toronto/


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