Apprenticeship Agenda: Canadian Apprenticeship Forum establishes National Research Agenda

Ottawa, Ontario — The Canadian Apprenticeship Forum (CAF-FCA) has launched Canada’s first National Apprenticeship Research Agenda

This agenda provides a three-year framework for priority areas of research as it relates to the Canadian apprenticeship system. 

It will shape the organization’s world-class research by identifying and conducting research that supports organizational goals outlined in CAF-FCA’s 2021-2024 strategic plan. 

Those goals include: increasing the participation of under-represented people in apprenticeship, augmenting the number of youths entering trades careers through apprenticeship, increasing the number of employers who hire and train apprentices and supporting the completion of apprenticeship programs through the testing of innovative training approaches

The national research agenda was informed through consultations with industry and provincial and territorial apprenticeship authorities, findings from the Apprentices in Canada ePanel, evaluations of existing programs, career pathway assessments, and feedback from national focus groups and participants at CAF-FCA events. 

Through a focused approach to its data collection and analysis, CAF-FCA says it will ensure its work reflects the interests and priorities of the Canadian apprenticeship community, providing unbiased insights that can be used to inform programs, policies, and practices of skilled trades stakeholders.

For more information on CAF-FCA’s research reports and resources, visit caf-fca.org.

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