Application Rotation: Crash Space Appraisals to administer CCRP applications for the Automotive Retailers’ Association

Toronto, Ontario — On Feb. 1, Dave Ribeiro, director of industry relations for the Automotive Retailers Association (ARA) and Rick Setter, president of Crash Space Appraisals announced that effective immediately, Crash Space will take on the role of administering the application process for the ARA’s Certified Collision Repair program (CCR).

The ARA will retain ownership of the CCR program and continue to be a voice for the collision repair industry while advising program requirements as well as any changes that are made as the program evolves.

The CCR program’s affiliation with the national accreditation program⁠—CCIAP, which is overseen by the AIA⁠—will remain unchanged. 

Setter of Crash Space will continue to provide his annual audit services for your collision repair facility to ensure your place in the CCR and CCIAP programs. The two companies believe this will provide business owners with a stronghold in maintaining business strengths, growths and achieves as well as an opportunity to streamline the initial renewal and audit processes for all parties involved.

“With recent changes announced by ICBC and private insurer recognition of the CCR program as a provincial and national accreditation standard, we are excited to assist collision repair facilities in meeting the requirements for program enrollment and acceptance,” read a press release by the two companies. “We will look forward to continuing the success of the CCR program and will work to foster and grow membership and program recognition for collision repair facilities in the British Columbia marketplace.”

If you are not already an approved CCR or CCIAP program facility and wish to learn more, please contact either Setter at or Dave Ribeiro at for more information.

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