Anti-pilfer Pouch: Brampton to hand out signal-blocking Faraday bags to curb auto theft rates

Brampton, Ontario — The city of Brampton is taking auto theft prevention into its own hands with the announcement of a three month anti-theft pilot program that will see thousands of Faraday bags distributed to Bramptonian drivers, in the aim of curbing rising auto theft rates.

The bags, which are capable of blocking the radio signal emitted from key FOBs, and therefore able to prevent increasingly common reprogramming thefts, are set to be distributed in five areas that the city has identified to be auto theft hotspots.

The proposal was passed unanimously at a Wednesday night city council meeting, with plans in place to distribute the bags “as quickly as possible,” according to InSauga.

Speaking to the difference such a simple item makes in protecting the substantial investment that is a vehicle, Brampton Mayor Patrick Brown said “a Faraday bag is a $6 item that can protect a $60,000 car from being stolen in less than 60 seconds.”

Brown said that complaints of car theft have only been increasing in the city, and that drivers are suffering from the “vulnerability of keyless lock and keyless ignition FOB technology.”

Auto theft has even affected Brampton city council directly, as three members have been victims of car theft, with the most recent being Coun. Dennis Keenan, whose vehicle was stolen just this past weekend.

The Toronto area has seen a 44.8 percent increase in auto thefts over the course of 2022, according to police data.

Brown has pointed to this as being “a major contributing cause of high insurance premiums” in Brampton.


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