Another Kind of Hybrid: Polaris Slingshot reclassified to require standard license in New York state

Albany, New York — What even is a car these days anyway? Repairers in New York will likely be wondering the same thing the first time a Polaris Slingshot rolls into their shop, now that the three-wheeled “autocycle” has been officially reclassified in the Empire State.

Polaris’ three-wheeled, open-air motorcycle will now be classified as a “three-wheeled motor vehicle” in the state of New York and its drivers will be required to have a standard D-class driver’s license, instead of the previously required motorcycle endorsement.

The Slingshot occupies a unique position between motorcycles and cars, featuring two wheels in the front, one in the rear, bucket seats and a steering wheel instead of handlebars. New York state law does still require the driver of an autocycle to wear a helmet with goggles or a face shield, however.

The company sees this announcement as a win for introducing their vehicle to a wider market of traditional driver’s license holders.

“We’re excited to open up the door for more New Yorkers to experience the open-air driving experience only a Polaris Slingshot delivers,” v-p of Polaris Slingshot Chris Sergeant.

According to Polaris’ press release, the 2022 model of the Polaris Slingshot has been updated to feature a  vented sport hood, stylish excursion top and premium Brembo brakes.


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