An Icy Excavation: Snow-covered cars at risk of potential long-term damages following historic Maritime storm

Halifax, Nova Scotia — With the Maritimes provinces still digging themselves out of the recent extreme snowfall, auto detailers are warning of the potential damages of digging out snow-covered vehicles.

Terry Mackenzie, an auto detailer from New Glasgow, Nova Scotia recently spoke with the Weather Network to advise drivers with snow-covered cars how to safely excavate their vehicles to avoid any long-lasting damage.

With the Maritimes provinces recently receiving an extreme winter white out of more than a metre of snow fall, Mackenzie says the key to unburying a snow-covered vehicle is to carefully shave the snow off the sides with a shovel so that the paint doesn’t get scratched.

Here, working like an archeologist on a dig is key to avoiding hitting windows or mirrors, or scraping doors.

Mackenzie also noted that while a few days buried under snow isn’t likely to cause permanent damage to a vehicle, leaving your car buried for an extended period can cause several—potentially expensive—issues, including a drained battery, damage to the body of the car in the form of rust and leaks in the braking system.

Another serious concern is the potential for increased risk of carbon monoxide poisoning if drivers attempt to start their vehicles while the tailpipe is still buried.


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