Alain Masse appointed President of UAP

Alain Masse.

By Jeff Sanford

Montreal, Quebec — September 15, 2015 — Genuine Parts Company (GPC) has announced the promotion of Executive Vice President of NAPA Canada, Alain Masse, to the position of President of UAP. 

GPC is the parent company of UAP which itself is the owner of NAPA Canada. According to a press release from GPC the Atlanta-based parent company has been working closely with UAP to effect some organizational changes that will ensure UAP remains a dominant player in the Canadian industry in terms of auto parts and its heavy vehicle parts division.
Masse took up the new job September 1. In an interview with Collision Repair magazine this week, Masse said he’s been transitioning into the new job for some time.
“We’ve been through some changes over the last twelve months. So I’ve been filling some of these spots already,” said Masse. Some other shuffles include the promotion of John Buckley to Executive Vice President of NAPA Canada, and last June Pierre Rachiele was promoted to Executive Vice President of the heavy truck parts division. Both of these executives will report to Masse.
There are some other changes as well. Alain Primeau has been appointed Regional VP NAPA Quebec, after 12 years in varied management positions within UAP’s two divisions, and he has announced two major appointments: Sylvain Hudon, General Manager Montreal Region and Martin Samson, General Manager Quebec Region.The changes will create a more responsive organization, according to Masse. 
“We want to do things a bit more quickly, a bit more nimble … and we wanted to have the right people in the right places to do that.” The changes have been welcomed by the industry. “Truthfully you can talk to anyone in Quebec, associated clients, people are happy with these changes,” said Masse.
The company is doing well right now. “We have opened a new CMAX store in Vancouver earlier in the year and we’ve announced this week the appointment of Eric Léveillé as new VP PBE. We’re going to continue to be aggressive,” says Masse.
All-in-all, the changes will allow the company to compete in a more efficient manner this year.  “Everyone’s happy. We’re performing well this year. As a result of the low price of oil Alberta is challenged. But we’re holding our own. We’ll have positive figures on the year nationally,” said Masse.
In the press release announcing Masse’s promotion, Kevin Herron, Senior Vice President of the North American auto parts group of GPC, was quoted as saying, “Alain is an experienced leader with a proven track record for delivering results. He has a broad understanding of UAP’s business, having worked successfully in its auto parts and heavy vehicle parts divisions. He has helped implement many of the changes within the organization to improve its performance. I am confident that Alain will lead UAP to execute the company’s strategies efficiently and deliver outstanding service to our customers … We strongly believe that having great leaders and employees is a key component and an integral part of our success”.
Alain Masse joined UAP in 2011 as Executive Vice President of the heavy vehicle parts division and was promoted two years later to Executive Vice President of NAPA operations. At the end of 2014 he took the leadership of all corporate functions for the auto parts division as well as heavy vehicle parts. Prior to joining UAP Masse was an independent business owner. He moved on to Cantrex Group, where he was President and General Manager for over five years.
“I am honoured to serve as President of UAP” said Masse. “UAP is evolving into a dynamic, faster growing and better performing organization. 2015 has been a very good year for UAP. Together with the UAP team, our business partners and our loyal customers, I look forward to further strengthening our position.” 

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