A Tradition of Charity: CARSTAR celebrates 25 years of support, $4 million raised for cystic fibrosis research

Toronto, Ontario — With 25 years of support for Cystic Fibrosis Canada officially under its belt, Driven Brands is proud to announce that its CARSTAR brand has raised more than $4 million for the organization over the course of this quarter-century campaign.

The company says its support of cystic fibrosis awareness and research over the years has had a significant impact on the treatability of this debilitating disease, as the life expectancy for those in Canada living with cystic fibrosis has jumped from a median age of about 35.5 years to 53.3 years over about the same period of time that CARSTAR has been donating to the cause.

This cause collided with a franchisee in the CARSTAR network in a way that every parent fears, as former owner of CARSTAR Mississauga Hawkestone, Harry Belmont’s granddaughter Victoria was born with cystic fibrosis at a time when the life expectancy was only about 30 years old.

Lillian Haskett, senior manager for brand compliance and franchise services, 23 year CARSTAR veteran and a key torchbearer for this cause at the company, shared her perspective in a special question-and-answer segment of Driven Brands’ press release.

Click here to read the full Q-and-A with Hasket.


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