A Rep with Rhythm: BASF Western account rep inducted to country music hall of honour

Toronto, Ontario — Repair facilities in Western Canada may know him as the guy that gets them their paint, but Chad Melchert is also a drummer—and the drummer is finally getting their due. Melchert announced on LinkedIn this week that he has been inducted into the Canadian Country Music Association’s Hall of Honour.

In addition to being an account representative for BASF’s Western Canada division, Melchert is also a five-time winner of the association’s Drummer of the Year award, and is therefore eligible for induction to the Hall of Honour, officially joining  some of Canada’s most talented country musicians.

Melchert posted on LinkedIn about the news, saying “Some of you know I also am a musician. I had the honour of being inducted into the Canadian Country Music Association’s Hall of Honour for my five wins as Drummer of The Year. They have created an exhibit at the Studio Bell, home of the National Music Centre to honour all past inductees. Thanks to the Canadian Country Music Association (CCMA) for making it happen. In great company here!”

On his personal website, Melchert lists Gord Bamford, Brett Kissel, Adam Gregory, Aaron Goodvin, Duane Steele, among many others, as headlining acts that he has toured or recorded with in the past.

He even runs his own drum recording studio, Abigail Road Drum Studio, where he not only records his fellow drummers, but provides track-by-track consultation and works with clients to improve their recording performance.

If any other drummers out there are curious, Melchert endorses Sonor drums, Vic Firth drumsticks, Paiste cymbals and Remo drum heads.

Check out this clip of Melchert performing live with Gord Bamford and Jim Cuddy of Blue Rodeo at the 2017 CCMA Awards.


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