A Natural Solution: BMW to meet 2030 emissions goal with renewable, organic-based parts

Toronto, Ontario — In the ongoing fight to curb carbon emissions, the BMW Group has announced its plan to integrate more renewable materials into its OE parts going forward.

“We are setting new standards for sustainable premium quality—by rethinking materials and focusing more than ever on resource-efficient alternatives and renewable materials with strong dismantling capability,” said Dr Stefan Floeck, head of development body, exterior, interior at BMW.

“We are following a consistent path towards holistically sustainable product development, responsible use of resources and transformation into a circular economy.”

BMW boasts that the raw materials being used in its parts are not only 30 percent lighter than average, but are also carbon negative as they absorb CO2

Some of the specific initiatives being launched by BMW include research into replacing acoustic foams with wood-based foams, as well as finding ways to integrate more hemp, kenaf and flax into vehicle building materials.

The automaker appears to remain committed to the climate goals they set for themselves; to reduce CO2 emissions by more than 40 percent by 2030.


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