A Hero’s Tail: Man tracks cat lost in van crash across Northern Ont.

Gizmo the cat, presumably judging his pet humans. (Photo by Terry Hostland /Save a Stray Cat Thunder Bay)

White River, Ontario — A cat that survived a van crash was rescued by a Thunder Bay man after a five-day search, and is eager to continue his plans for world domination.

According to SooToday, a van transporting Gizmo and several other animals crashed on June 29, when it collided with a moose near White River, Ont.. While most animals survived and remained contained, several cages broke in the collision, allowing some to escape, including Gizmo. Unfortunately, one puppy did not survive the crash.

Upon hearing of the crash, Terry Hostland, an admin of a stray rescue Facebook group, took it upon himself to rescue Gizmo, spending days searching the area around White River—more than 600 kilometres away from his home in Thunder Bay.

“I couldn’t just leave him out there to fend for himself. He’s not a street cat, he’s domesticated…He wouldn’t have survived out there,” he said.

After five days of intense searching, setting up traps, baits and following up on local tips, Gizmo was safely found on July 25, after spending nearly a month in the wild.

Allegedly, Gizmo is “still a little piglet that has to eat out of every food dish.”

For more cat pictures, visit Terry’s cat adoption Facebook page. Maybe you’ll find the right one for your home?


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