A Breath of Fresh Air: SATA launches new 500 series filter

Toronto, Ontario — SATA has announced the launch of its new filter in its 500 series, the SATA filter 584, available now.

According to the company, the new SATA filter 584 is capable of providing clean, breathing-quality air and compressed air and features the characteristics of today’s cutting-edge, modern-day air filtration technology, including: 

  • Optimized filter elements in the sintered, fine and activated charcoal filter stages for maximum air purification 
  • Innovative airflow for low-pressure drop 
  • Synchronized maintenance: filter maintenance only necessary every six months for all three stages 
  • Convenient change of filter elements in three easy steps ensuring enhanced user acceptance for required maintenance 

“Right down to the smallest detail, it has been designed to offer maximum air purification,” says SATA. “Plus, the three-stage modular design allows the flexible adaptation to the requirements of different applications.”

Advantages of the SATA filter 584, according to the company, include:

  • Higher adsorption of harmful substances (compared to SATA filter 484) thanks to new sintered activated charcoal filter cartridge
  • Airflow with 4 connections approx. 3,800 Nl/min (135 cfm)
  • SATA filter timer as a reminder of the same maintenance intervals for all filter cartridges
  • Filter maintenance only necessary every 6 months for all stages
  • Maintenance-free bayonet lock with haptic and acoustic feedback
  • Fine filter and activated charcoal filter cartridges fit without screw fittings or additional seals
  • CCS Color Code System on the filter housing and filter cartridges for reliable maintenance
  • Simple plug-in system for upgrading SATA filter 544 to 584
  • Integrated pressure regulator with large grip surface for precise adjustment of the necessary outlet pressure
  • Maintenance-free sealing elements
  • Line connection optionally left or right
  • Flow-optimized cyclone separator with higher efficiency level, (approx. 10 percent, says SATA)

For more information on the new SATA filter 500 series, visit www.sata.com/en-amn/products/filter-technology/sata-filter-500-series.


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