3M unveils new multi-purpose Accuspray PPS system 

3M unveils new multi-purpose Accuspray PPS system 

St. Paul, Minnesota — October 29, 2015 — 3M has announced a new spray gun system the company says will offer easy multi-application painting for small shops and independent users.

The company says its new Accuspray Spray Gun System with PPS combines the 3M Accuspray spray guns with the 3M PPS Paint Preparation System. It lets customers use one gun for all stages of their project—from start to finish—including mixing/measuring, filtering and multi-directional spraying of primers, sealers, base and clearcoats.

The system is ideal for smaller collision repair shops, non-auto repair industries, car enthusiasts and homeowners, as well as collision repair students and beginners, the company says.

The kit features the new 3M Accuspray ONE Spray Gun and four atomizing heads —1.4mm for sealer, primer surfacer, basecoat and clearcoat and 1.8mm for primer and other medium viscosity coatings. It also includes a hard cup and retaining ring, disposable lids and liners, along with a collection of additional features. The company says the packaging takes the guesswork out of selecting a spray gun system, adding that the kit has everything needed to get started.

3M Accuspray System with PPS 

The company says its 3M Accuspray System spray gun performs like a premium gun at an affordable price. Expanding on the solvent-saving of the 3M PPS System, 3M says it reduces gun clean up and the expense of spray gun maintenance kits. The new kit features replaceable atomizing heads that allow for easy cleanup and like-new performance with every atomizer replacement. In addition, the durable one-piece, lightweight, molded composite spray gun eliminates the need for maintenance kits, and features HVLP technology to perform precise horizontal and vertical touch-ups to production functions ranging from eight to 12 inches.

3M PPS Paint Preparation System 

The 3M PPS System replaces traditional paint gun cups with a system of reusable paint cups and disposable lids and liners. The company says this system improves transfer efficiency and reduces the amount of solvent needed for cleanup by as much as 70 percent.

The company adds that 3M PPS Starter and Refill kits offer the 3M PPS System in user-friendly sizes. The starter kits include a 3M PPS hard cup and collar, plus six lids, liners and sealing plugs.

Existing spray guns can also be upgraded to use 3M PPS System with easy-to-install adapters, or you can use 3M Accuspray spray guns, says 3M.

For more information, please visit 3M online at 3M.com.


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