An Economical Choice: Solera renews multi-year visual intelligence, machine learning platform partnership with Economical Insurance

Toronto, Ontario — Solera has announced the renewal of its multi-year agreement with Economical, Sonnet and Family Insurance Solutions to use its visual intelligence (VI)/machine learning (ML) platform as a workflow management tool. “We are honoured to collaborate with Economical on its innovation journey. Solera’s data and technology have enabled us to deliver AI-powered solutions […]

Pure Potential: EV battery packs should last 15 years, says former Tesla CTO

Houston, Texas — Electric vehicle battery packs should last about 15 years, according to former Tesla chief technology officer and co-founder JB Straubel. In a recent interview at CERAweek 2022, Straubel was asked at what point he believes battery life reaches an end. Once responsible for Tesla’s battery development until 2019, where he led cell […]

Auto Alley: Magna International to open new $50 million plant in Chatham, Ont.

Chatham, Ontario — Not one to be left out of the recent Ontario manufacturing mayhem, Magna International has announced its plans to build a new auto parts plant in the southwestern city of Chatham. The global auto parts supplier expects the new $50 million facility to employ 150 people who will make battery enclosures for […]