Pedestrian Patrol: SAAQ cautions heightened pedestrian traffic amid the pandemic

Toronto, Ontario — With the closure of gyms nationwide, more and more people are getting in their daily exercise by walking outdoors. And with fewer motorists on the roads, you would think pedestrians are safer than ever. However, the 2019 safety record released by Société de l’Assurance Automobile du Québec (SAAQ) is a startling reminder not to […]

Believe it or Not: May 22, 2020

Toronto, Ontario — Check out some classic Hollywood road rage, transformers on the roads, a curbside pickle and much more in this week’s dose of Believe it or Not content!

Steering Ahead: CCIF COVID-19 webinar series available now

Toronto, Ontario ⁠— The Canadian Collision Industry Forum’s (CCIF) COVID-19 two-part webinar series is now available⁠—and it’s free to watch. The first webinar, Managing Your Supply Chain and Credit During COVID-19 can help you answer questions like why there have been so many changes to credit accounts amid the pandemic, what’s next and managing changes […]