Steering Ahead: CCIF COVID-19 webinar series available now

Toronto, Ontario ⁠— The Canadian Collision Industry Forum’s (CCIF) COVID-19 two-part webinar series is now available⁠—and it’s free to watch.

The first webinar, Managing Your Supply Chain and Credit During COVID-19 can help you answer questions like why there have been so many changes to credit accounts amid the pandemic, what’s next and managing changes from a supplier’s perspective. It features panellists Mike Kaplaniak, vice president of Uniparts O.E.M. Canada; Koos Reineking, performance manager for Lift Auto Group and Tifarah Senkow, Canadian vice president of sales for Advantage Parts Solutions

The second webinar, How to Build a Business Continuity Plan for Your Collision Repair Centre, includes discussion around best practices in leading your facility through the pandemic, as well as how to build your BCP to ensure stability in the future. Panellists include Colin Asselstine, director of RSA’s claims vendor management, subrogation and salvage; Tony De Santis, vice president of sales for Fix Network and Murphy Tarves, general manager of operations for Craftsman Group of Companies.

“We face a period of significant disruption and volatility in our businesses and in life overall,” CCIF wrote in an online news release. “The COVID-19 pandemic is changing everything about life and work as we know it. As an industry, we have also questioned how prepared we are in the face of unforeseen pandemics, such as COVID-19.”

Click here to watch the series.

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  1. I love my copy of Collision Repair Magazine. It has so much information. Webinars, new equipment, what’s going on in our industry etc. I feel it keeps me current. I always look forward to receiving it. Thanks for all your hard work during this pandemic. Keep up the good work.

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