2020 Vision: Canadian Collision Industry Forum Toronto

Toronto, Ontario — Get ready, repairers–we may be ringing in the new year right now, but Toronto’s 2020 Canadian Collision Industry Forum is right around the corner! The event–now in its 21st year–will be held in Hall 5 of the International Centre in Mississauga, Ontario on Thursday, Jan. 30 and Friday, Jan. 31. This year, […]

Riveting Riveter: The Xpress800 from Titanium Tools & Equipment

The Xpress800 is a modular, air over hydraulic riveting system made in Germany by Wielander Schill.  The quick-change mechanism allows you to switch heads quickly without additional tools eliminating the need for multiple devices. Built to be light and easy to use, Xpress is designed to meet all of your riveting needs from installing blind […]

A Fixer’s Fantasy: Three fictional universes where the autobody technician is king

Toronto, Ontario — A few months back, the magazine highlighted an emerging literary trend–romance novels that get hot for the bodyshop tech. While the profession may be on the receiving end of chick-lit lusting, this does not seem to translate into real-life romantic results. Technician satisfaction after interactions with the young, heartbroken heirs/heiresses remains unchanged. Reality […]

Management Advantage: Is your business’s management software up to scratch?

By Allison Rogers In this day and age, with the industry grappling with advanced automotive technology like ADAS, new tech can sometimes seem like more of a hindrance than a helper. It is a myth that needs to be debunked; while it can be daunting learning a brand-new software, especially when the shop appears to […]

Dust Devil: The Eurovac I Central Dust Extraction System

The Central Dust Extraction System from Eurovac is said to be ideal for keeping air quality high for up to eight users sanding at the same time. This system can be set up with a microswitch to start and stop while its pumps and separators are designed to run continuously with little maintenance required. The […]

Auto repair facility fined following fatal work accident

Toronto, Ontario — Ruggieri Brother’s Automotive Ltd. has just been fined $85,000 following an incident that resulted in the fatality of one of their employees earlier last year. Following a guilty plea on Dec. 20, the Vaughan-based shop was fined for failing as an employer to provide information, instruction and supervision to a worker to […]

The Road Ahead: Industry advice for the future

Toronto, Ontario — Though trying to predict the future is a surefire way to leave yourself in disbelief, one thing can be said with absolute certainty in the collision repair industry—change is arriving with increasing speed and impact. To smooth the bumpy road ahead, here are some tactics shared by some of the industry’s leading […]

Fusion Fun: The Plastic Fusion Pro Station from BETAG

Priding itself as a complete plastic repair system, Betag’s Plastic Fusion Pro Station consists of two main parts, the unit and the trolley. The unit comes with an integrated tacker with three power levels that can be adjusted to suit different plastics, as well as three available fusion modes for different jobs—internal compression, external air […]

Fly Me to the Downtown Core: Autonomous aircraft could reshape our world

By Gideon Scanlon For all the ink spilled about the effects that autonomous road vehicles will have on the collision repair industry, their near-future ubiquity is, by no means, certain. Ironically enough, with every improvement to self-driving technologies, the likelihood of their future ubiquity becomes ever less certain. Why? Because once you teach a computer […]

Connection Intention: Chelsea Stebner on fostering connection in the workplace

By Chelsea Stebner We often joke about being a big family, yet it’s not a joke, it’s truth. True connection in the workplace is invaluable. It nurtures healthy relationships and drives teamwork. As a leader in your organization, do this check-in with yourself; When was the last time you walked through the shop and said […]