Editor’s Log: Ockham’s Welder

By Gideon Scanlon   Toronto, Ontario — May 24, 2019 — It is the great irony of the times we live in—we have access to more information than ever before, and it is getting harder and harder to tell what is—and what isn’t—true. As a community, however, Canada’s collision repairers have frequently shown themselves to […]

Canadian repairers gather to Halifax for the CCIF conference – Part I

By CRM staff Toronto, Ontario – May 24, 2019 – The Canadian Collision Industry Forum conference held in Halifax on Friday brought together more than 400 repairers from across the nation to discuss solutions to the obstacles facing the collision repair community faces within the industry.  Like any CCIF conference, the major themes impacting the industry […]

What to include in your shop’s fire safety plan

By Theresa Jachnycky Every type of business has some degree of fire risk but autobody and auto repair shops are especially high-risk for fire because of the combination of spray painting, welding, and storage of flammable liquids. Tires add to the fire load if tires are stored on the premises. In 2018 seven autobody fires […]

PPG launches Paints with Purpose campaign

By CRM staff Toronto, Ontario – May 24, 2019 – PPG’s Paints with Purpose campaign will be showcasing the many unexpected applications of the next generation paint and coatings technologies. “When people talk about painting, they’re typically focused on beautifying a space in their home or making their mark on a new one,” said David […]

A week in review – May 24, 2019

By CRM staff Toronto, Ontario – May 24, 2019 – Between the U.S. President’s spat with the House Speaker and Moby’s major faux pas, you might not have paid too much attention to what has been happening in the collision industry this week. Don’t worry, Collision Repair has you covered with our quick recap of the five most […]

AV Report – May 24, 2019

By CRM staff Toronto, Ontario – May 24, 2019 – In this week’s autonomous vehicle report, Musk shares his opinion on Lidar systems, Ford displays its latest project, and GM’s Cruise shares its progress. Musk Bashes Lidar Systems Aurora CEO Chris Urmson has bought Lidar sensor manufacturing firm Blackmore. These sensors use laser scanning to […]