Canadian repairers gather to Halifax for the CCIF conference – Part I

By CRM staff

Toronto, Ontario – May 24, 2019 – The Canadian Collision Industry Forum conference held in Halifax on Friday brought together more than 400 repairers from across the nation to discuss solutions to the obstacles facing the collision repair community faces within the industry. 

Like any CCIF conference, the major themes impacting the industry such as training, recruitment, and technology were discussed.

“I think there is a lot we can learn from each other and there’s a lot of things that you can probably learn from us about what not to do. We can certainly learn from you,” said chairman of the U.S. Collision Industry Conference, Jeff Peevy.
Peevy took the stage sharing statistics and strategies the CIC in the U.S. has been working on to gather more repairers to their membership meetings, and to create more awareness about the issues that lie within the industry. Among the many aspects the CIC has been working on, Peevy touched on the importance of training.

“I believe learning and education will solve a lot of the challenges we face in our industry. Ignorance is our biggest foe,” Peevy said.

In terms of managing the business side of the industry, Annabelle Cormack of Cormack Recruitment brought a panel of guests up on stage to share insight on talent management. “It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in. Your challenges with talent management are no different than any other industry we see today. Talent management is absolutely essential with any business,” Cormack said.

A couple of the panelists included Dana Alexander, owner of CSN Dana’s Collision Centre in N.B.and upcoming CCIF chairman for 2020-2022 and CEO of Simplicity Car Care Paul Prochilio.

Last week, Collision Repair interviewed general manager of CARSTAR Fredericton Steve Knox about what he thinks will be the main topic of discussion at this conference, in which he replied with the involvement that OEMs have been having on the collision repair community. Knox wasn’t wrong.

Farzam Afshar CEO of VeriFacts Automotive was one of the many to speak about this topic. He shared different points and asked the audience questions about the future of the industry in terms of OEM procedures. 

For more information on the event, Collision Repair will be giving you a full breakdown accompanied by photos of the big moments at CCIF in Halifax later in the week.



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