Mike Anderson on the economics of telematics

By CRM Staff Toronto, Ontario — August 29, 2018 — Collision Advice CEO Mike Anderson discussed the rise of telematics at NACE Automechanika this year.   He said that consumers were given a survey discussing what was the most important to them in terms of a body shop and a leading 52 percent said “certified […]

The Madness of King Elon: Tesla’s Internal Combustion Engine

Toronto, Ontario — August 29, 2018 — Should Tesla’s certification program, which is up-and-running in the U.S., come to Canada, repairers may want to think twice about pursuing it. While the electric revolution is certainly going to arrive in the near future, Tesla may not be there to see it thanks to CEO Elon Musk’s […]

CARSTAR’s back-to-school safety tips

By CRM Staff Toronto, Ontario — August 29, 2018 — With back-to-school season creeping up, driving safely around school zones has become a concern and has been addressed by the British Columbia Automotive Association (BCAA) and CARSTAR. In response CARSTAR has come up with a few tips to prevent those accidents caused from in-car distractions. Over the past few […]

Doug Ford’s rebate defense declined by Ontario courts

By CRM Staff Toronto, Ontario — August 29, 2018 — A law-suit brought against Ontario concerning the electric car rebates in mid-August has ended with the province’s defeat at the hands of Tesla Motors Canada. While the Ontario government said they are reviewing the ruling, a Tesla representative said they are pleased with the final decisions to turn […]