CARSTAR’s back-to-school safety tips

By CRM Staff

Toronto, Ontario — August 29, 2018 — With back-to-school season creeping up, driving safely around school zones has become a concern and has been addressed by the British Columbia Automotive Association (BCAA) and CARSTAR. In response CARSTAR has come up with a few tips to prevent those accidents caused from in-car distractions.

Over the past few years BCAA’s School Zone Safety Surveys have delivered increasingly concerning results about the driving behaviours of parents witnessed in school zones.  

According to last year’s BCAA School Safety Report that surveyed parents and school staff across BC, 80% had witnessed a number of dangerous driving behaviours in school zones, including not stopping at crosswalks, speeding, and using cell phones behind the wheel. Results from 2016 found that congestion, being in a hurry or running late, and distraction make safe driving during drop-off and pick-up times particularly difficult for parents.  

“There are many ways to reduce the amount of dangerous distractions inside a vehicle…these tips address just a few that are easy for most people to correct. Anything a driver can do to concentrate on the road will greatly improve their chances of safe arrival,” said Dean Fisher, COO for CARSTAR, North America’s largest network of collision repair facilities.

These tips below are to improve overall safety and make that back-to-school drive less-stressful and more-safe:

  • Adopt a strict no-text policy –According to the Insurance Bureau of Canada, nearly three out of four Canadian drivers admit to driving distracted. A driver is 23 times more likely to crash if they text while driving and four times more likely if they are talking in a hand-held device.
  • Reduce the fight for the front – Siblings fighting for the front seat or personal space in the back are a major distraction. Set a schedule for who gets the front and define boundaries in the back.  When fights erupt, pull over to address the situation.
  • Limit or eliminate cell phone use while driving –A study from Transport Canada showed that nearly 80 percent of accidents and 65 percent of near-accidents involved some form of driver inattention up to three seconds prior to the event.
  • Use a hands-free device, but only for necessary calls –Carnegie Mellon found a 37 per cent decrease in the brain’s ability to judge spatial relationships (such as between the car at speed and other objects) when the driver concentrated on answering questions. This suggests that anyphone conversation diminishes the driver’s reflexes behind the wheel.
  • Program your directions before starting a trip or errand – Map services are tremendously helpful on the road, especially those that call out the step-by- step directions. They are only useful, however, if the driver does not attempt to input information while in motion. 
  • Learn a car’s instruments and adjustments before leaving the driveway –Today’s cars have dozens of buttons, switches and handles that might need activating while on the road.  A driver should be familiar with all instruments to prevent distraction. Adjusting the windshield wipers, headlights, radio settings, climate controls and seat height, among others, can distract a driver long enough to cause an accident.
  • Save eating and drinking for after the carpool – A driver’s morning cup of coffee and muffin are almost as distracting as a phone conversation.
  • Keep children and pets in approved seats or areas –Crash-test engineers have determined the safest placement in the vehicle for children of different sizes and ages. Following applicable federal and state laws for restraint systems also reduces distraction while driving.  Letting animals roam free inside a vehicle is not only a bad idea; it is illegal in some regions.

“It used to be that all a driver had to distract themselves was an AM radio. Now, there are many high-tech electronic gadgets onboard and they can all diminish a driver’s concentration,” said Fisher.

For more tips on driving and collision repair, visit www.CARSTAR.ca. CARSTAR offers high-quality, reliable repair service in 34 states and 10 Canadian provinces. Contact 1- 800-CARSTAR if you need a vehicle repair, and they will send a tow truck, contact your insurance company, arrange for a rental car and repair your car.


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