The eLink from From eBay Motors and Hollander

While it may be known for bringing bidding online, eBay’s Motors division has made a tremendous impact on the auto repair industry. Every second, three parts are sold to the special service’s buyers. Hollander has announced an exclusive partnership with the site to provide automotive recyclers with benefits the company says are unavailable to any […]

Global automotive collision repair market report

By CRM Staff   Toronto, Ontario – August 16, 2018 — The global automotive collision repair market will be growing by 2.5 percent within the next seven years.   A report was released recently sharing a summary of how the global collision repair market is doing. It is reported to be valued at $37,200 million […]

National Brake Month

By CRM Staff   Toronto, Ontario — August 16, 2018 — August is designated as national brake month – at  least in the United States. T’is the season to tune up, and tune in to the latest advice on proper brake maintenance.   Make sure the car owner is knowledgeable about what to look out […]