First ACE conference concludes in Niagara Falls

By CRM Staff   Niagara Falls, Ontario — April 17, 2018 — The Trillium Automobile Dealers’ Association (TADA), in partnership with Consolidated Dealers, hosted the first ACE (Automotive Conference & Expo) last week. The event was created specifically with Canadian New Car Dealers in mind. ACE is a combination of TADA’s Auto Dealers Innovation Series […]

Guild 21: When to replace plastic, when to repair

Kurt Lammon, president of Polyvance.

By Jeff Sanford   Toronto, Ontario — April 17, 2018 — The latest Guild 21 teleconference tackled a key question for collision repairers: When it comes to plastic damage, when do you repair the part and when do you replace it?   If a part costing thousands of dollars can be repaired rather than replaced, […]

Skills Saskatchewan builds first ever on-site paint booth for competitions

By CRM Staff   Regina, Saskatchewan — April 17, 2018 — Skills Saskatchewan recently held its annual skills competition in Regina, and for the first time in Skills Canada history, the car-painting event was held on site. According to Leanne Jefferies, director of the Skills Canada Collision Repair Program, pulling this off took a lot […]

Wilson Air Tools releases new hot stapler

The new Hot Stapler is handheld and battery operated.

By CRM Staff Toronto, Ontario — April 17, 2018 — Wilson Air Tools & Equipment has announced the release of its new Hot Stapler. The tool is handheld and battery operated. The Hot Stapler can repair and strengthen all plastic car parts such as bumpers, dashboard, lights, flaps, fenders and more. It can perform up […]

Nova Bus pleased with the launch of electric bus integration plan in Canada

The new fleet of electric buses and charging stations will be the first of its kind internationally.

By CRM Staff   Saint-Eustache, Quebec — April 17, 2018 — In a recent press release, North America’s leading provider of electric vehicles for public transportation Nova Bus has announced a Canada-wide integration plan for their buses and charging stations will be implemented in public transit systems across the nation. The new fleet will be […]