Canadian drivers aren’t as polite as we think

A new survey from Kanetix shows we're not as polite behind the wheel as we think we are.

Toronto, Ontario — July 6, 2015 — Canadians are often stereotyped as polite. It turns out that reputation for politeness extends to our behaviour behind the wheel … or so we seem to think. A recent Kanetix.ca survey found that most Canadians think highly of their driving etiquette, but further survey results show they may […]

Eimpound.com allows vehicles storers to notify lien holders for free

eimpound.com logo

By Mike Davey Hamilton, Ontario — July 6, 2016 — There are new rules for storing vehicles in Ontario, particularly with regards to how soon a lien holder must be notified after a repair shop or tow company receives the vehicle. For more on the new rules, please see “New regs in Ontario for towing […]

CARSTAR expands in Alberta with CARSTAR Olds

The exterior of CARSTAR Olds.

Hamilton, Ontario — July 6, 2016 — CARSTAR Canada has announced its newest location, CARSTAR Olds. The facility is located at 5109 65th Avenue in Olds, Alberta. CARSTAR Olds is owned and operated by Rod Pedersen and managed by Randy Yantz. As a successful family owned business, CARSTAR Olds has been around since 1979. A […]

Freshmade 3D provides custom and rare parts made to order

Freshmade 3D digitally designs parts, then 'prints' them using a process called additive manufacturing.

By Jeff Sanford Toronto, Ontario — July 6, 2017 — Car restorers looking for that impossible-to-find part have a new potential source. A new tech-based start-up in Youngstown, Ohio, has begun printing custom rare auto parts using a new technology known as additive manufacturing. Similar to 3D printing, additive manufacturing sees metal powders used to […]