YachtWay Announces a New Wave in Yachting Software

MIAMI–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#BrokersYachtWay, a new MLS platform that propels Shipyards, Dealers, and Yacht Enthusiasts into the 21st century, is going live. This software was created from the ground up, explicitly tailored for the yachting industry.

Heigo Paartalu, Owner and Co-Founder of YachtWay noticed that “this industry was stuck in the 20th century. Boats are modern and changing yearly, but the selling process is archaic.”

Heigo and his Co-Founder Anh Mai honed their business, boating, and technical expertise to create a digital boat show. Not only is the yacht purchasing process outdated, it is also too segmented and overwhelming for buyers. To address this pain point, YachtWay was born.

YachtWay is a one-stop shop for all things related to yacht purchasing. With industry-leading analytics for Shipyards and Dealers, this software is a game changer. The technology provided by YachtWay also increases precision for listings. YachtWay connects key players in the yachting industry—Shipyards can easily manage their Brands and authorized Dealer networks, while Dealers can efficiently oversee the Brands they represent as authorized representatives and manage Brokers. Brokers, in turn, can leverage YachtWay to create personalized profile pages, which serve as digital business cards that showcase their listed vessels, contact information, and revenue data. YachtWay helps bridge the gap between these stakeholders, streamlining communication and operations to enhance efficiency and effectiveness.

Listings will only be accepted from Brokers and Dealers with active broker licenses, creating a level of accountability for purchasers. Customers will be able to find the yachts of their dreams via an advanced filtering system, a user-friendly vessel catalog, and through clear-cut communication with Dealers and Brokers that takes place within YachtWay.

Pricing for the platform is free for all Customers and extremely competitive for Shipyards and Dealers. Additionally, YachtWay prioritizes privacy and does not sell or share any of its users’ personal information.

YachtWay also realizes the importance of sustainability and preserving our oceans for future generations. As a pioneer in the industry, the company will donate to the Ocean Conservancy to prioritize ocean preservation and restoration.

About: YachtWay is a Miami-based software company focused on bringing yacht purchasing into the 21st century. They help Shipyards list, Dealers sell, and Yacht Enthusiasts purchase a vessel—all on one seamlessly integrated platform. It is the one-stop-shop for all things yachting.


Media Contact:
Heigo Paartalu



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