WiseSight and Duncan Solutions Create Integration to Provide AI-Based Automated Enforcement for Surface Lots and Street Parking

Parking technology industry leaders are collaborating to provide automated enforcement using advanced AI technologies


The integration between the two technology leaders will enable municipalities and private parking operators to perform remote automated enforcement for on-street and surface-lot parking, including support for parallel, angled, and perpendicular parking. The integrated solution also allows for remote issuance of ticket-by-mail. With the new technology activated, Parking Enforcement Officers (PEOs) can be stationed centrally in parking agency offices to perform enforcement duties, a change that can enhance both efficiency and revenue.

This partnership also will increase public safety for PEOs and motorists by removing the need for manual enforcement and fully automating the parking enforcement agencies’ operations.

“Through extensive research and collaboration, the Public Parking Authority of Pittsburgh (PPAP), has selected WiseSight to provide its integrated solution for several of Pittsburgh’s downtown, South-side lots, as part of a trial program for the City. The authority’s requirements for the solution were that it would provide: automatic identification of the vehicle, the vehicle’s parked location by space, and integrated designations for each space (e.g., zone, time limits, disabled, permit, EV charging)”, says Dave Onorato, the Executive Director of Public Parking Authority of Pittsburgh.

“For decades, Pittsburgh has been a parking program pioneer,” says Jason Sutton, Senior Vice President, Parking and Mobility Solutions for Duncan Solutions. “As their long-term partner, we’re excited to help them activate this innovative solution that will take their enforcement management efforts to the next level. Thanks to our dedicated partners like WiseSight, we can now give customers more comprehensive insights into how each of their parking spaces is being used while also providing them with a new way to automate their parking enforcement activities and increase enforcement efficiency.”

“It is great to bring two parking technology leaders together to support the increasing demand for enforcement automation,” says Levi Rinkoff, Executive VP and Head of WiseSight North America. “The integration between WiseSight and Duncan Solutions will provide significant cost savings and increased revenues to the parking operator, increase safety, and simplify the overall management of parking. The outcome of this integration maximizes the efficiency of the parking management agency operations while capturing usage of all parking assets.”

About Duncan Solutions

Duncan Solutions – part of the Navient family of companies – is a full-service transportation management company and a leading provider of parking and tolling management solutions. Duncan supports government and commercial clients with citation processing, debt collection, DMV registered owner identification, back-office transaction processing, omnichannel customer service center operations, and integrated on-street parking management solutions. Learn more at Duncan Solutions .


WISESIGHT is the leader in solutions for the parking and mobility industry. With its unique advanced video-based AI, WiseSight brings monitoring and enforcement of curbside and surface lot parking to the next level by identifying, reporting, and managing in real-time vehicle movement and parking. By leveraging WiseSight’s advanced AI with enforcement and mobile payment platforms, WiseSight increases revenue to the municipalities, parking asset owners, and operators by maximizing the potential of every single space, while keeping parking extremely simple for the drivers. Visit WISESIGHT to learn more.



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