What the Hawk? Bird trapped behind grille freed by RCMP

Clinton, British Columbia – Often after a collision, one’s first instinct is to make sure everyone is ok, and exchange insurance information. But what do you do if that collision was with a hawk, and that hawk has now set up camp behind your grille?

A woman in B.C had to ask herself that question when she said a large bird suddenly emerged from the ditch and took flight into the front of her truck, this past Friday.

What could have ended in a cloud of feathers, instead ended in a seemingly un-hurt, massive, bird of prey trapped behind the grille of a Toyota Tundra.

The woman pulled into the parking lot of the Clinton detachment, urgently asking for help.

“The now-stressed-out bird-of-prey was unable to escape and the motorist attended the local RCMP detachment for aid,” said RCMP Cpl. Jesse O’Donaghey.

O’Donaghey said Kamloops RCMP Sgt. Brandon Buliziuk and Clinton detachment commander Const. Marika Masters loosened the front grille to free the bird.

“The police officers had a blanket on standby and were prepared to provide care to the bird had it been injured and unable to fly away as a result,” said O’Donaghey.

Though, as soon as the grille was loosened, the hawk flew away appearing uninjured–it’s quite possible the freeflyer just needed a ride.

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