Q and A with PDR Expert: Bing Wong

Toronto, Ontario — June 25, 2019 – PDR –  Paintless Dent Repair – is a leading technique used in collision repair facilities to remove dents in vehicles without removing any of the original paint. Whether dented by hail, rocks or minor dings, PDR technology pulls dents out quickly and cost effectively. 

Today Collision Repair speaks with Bing Wong, a PDR expert and managing director at Canadian Hail Repair. Wong fills us in on what paintless dent repair is, how it works, and what the future of the PDR industry looks like. 

CR: So, how does Paintless Dent Repair work?

BW: PDR works by massaging the metal out from the reverse side [of the dent] and there are also ways of doing it from the paint side as well. 

CR: Why do you think PDR is more effective than other techniques in the industry? When is it needed?

BW: It’s superior to replacing the panel or repainting panels because it keeps the original paint. It’s particularly needed when there’s lots of hail storms for sure. In a particular market they won’t have a supply of labour to manage the amount of claims and repairs necessary after a hail storm so we come in and provide in the contemporary capacity. 

CR:What does the future of PDR look like to you?

BW: I think that from a hail side, you can never predict it because it’s the weather and it’s impossible to predict the weather. People say that climate change is gonna keep making things worse and worse but in the last three years it’s been extremely mild and we haven’t experienced a lot of hail in Canada. 

CR: Finally, do you have any words of advice for people entering the PDR  industry?

BW: I would tell anyone entering the industry, “don’t focus on hail”, you know, make sure you can focus on the door-dinging stuff too. There’s less volatility. 

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