Volvo parts restriction will be making its way to Canada

By CRM staff

Toronto, Ontario – March 7, 2019 –  While Volvo Car USA has announced that it has restricted the sale of its parts to Volvo Certified collision facilities, these restrictions will not affect the Canadian market–at least not immediately.

“Effective March 1, 2019 Volvo Car USA is restricting sale of several highly specialized parts to Volvo Certified Collision Facilities. The motivation for this initiative is to ensure that, in the event that one of these parts does need to be replaced, it is replaced by a highly skilled trained professional.”
While collision repair facilities in Canada not currently certified by the Swedish OEM will still be able to buy parts from Volvo Car Canada, this may not last for long.
According to Volvo Car Canada director of customer service Daniel Martin, it is looking at applying the same restrictions either later this year, or in 2020.
“It’s a matter of ensuring we have trained certified repairers to perform the proper repairs and provide safety for the customers,” says Martin.
Martin says Volvo Canada is not ready to implicate these restrictions just yet because it is a bit behind with the program.
“We need more certified shops in Toronto as most of them are out west,” he said.
He confirmed that Volvo Canada is looking at having three to four more in Toronto and Montreal by the end of this year.
To become a certified Volvo repairer in Canada, Martin says facilities must do more than ensure staff have completed a checklist of I-CAR courses.
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