Twin City Solution: Level5Drive opens second location in Cambridge, Ont.

Cambridge, Ontario — Drivers in the area of Ontario’s Twin Cities have a new option for ADAS recalibration now that Level5Drive’s latest southern Ontario location is open for business.

Level5Drive’s new 3,500 sq. ft. calibration centre in Cambridge, Ontario is a near-exact duplication of their Burlington location, equipped with full environmental control over the temperature and lighting of the facility, which co-founder John Marlowe says “is critical for ADAS (Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems) calibration.

Marlowe pointed toward a gap in education regarding ADAS over the last several years, noting that inadequate training on the subject has led to an environment of sub-par, often careless recalibration work if the work is even diagnosed and conducted at all.

“The ADAS segment of the collision repair industry is horribly underserved, largely by the dealer network. Technicians are poorly trained, poorly equipped, or they just don’t want to do it. When a collision repair facility finishes a job, and they need to get the calibration done, it can be days or even weeks before they’re able to get the vehicle into a dealership and get a calibration done. Even once they get to that point, there’s no real transparency or documentation that the dealer’s technician actually followed the procedures and did everything the way they are supposed to do it,” said Marlowe in a phone interview with Collision Repair.

Marlowe and his team are looking to fill in those gaps in Canada’s calibration industry by providing transparent and verifiable calibration services using OE-quality technology.

“With Level5Drive, everything we do is documented: our OE research is documented; we use photographic evidence to document the vehicle’s state, so people can see that if it’s supposed to have a full tank of fuel, it does, [for example]. We check the alignment if it’s supposed to be an alignment.”

This second shop for Level5Drive may only be the beginning, as Marlowe alluded to big plans for the company and their operations in the province

“Certainly we are looking at some expansion in southern Ontario,” said Marlowe.

“[We strive] to continue providing the services that are so badly needed and to expand our reach a little. By locating it in Cambridge we can serve Cambridge, Kitchener, and Waterloo. Our Burlington location can serve Oakville, Burlington, and Hamilton. So we have a big chunk of southern Ontario there just with those two locations. The need exists industry-wide, it’s just going to take us a little time to roll out and get to everywhere they need us.”

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