Tsk-Tsk Tesla: Tesla Model X finishes second last in consumer reliability report

Toronto, Ontario — Tesla has taken another beating in the court of public opinion as the EV automaker finished twenty-seventh out of 28 on a recent Consumer Report reliability survey.

Tesla’s Model X was revealed as the brand’s least reliable vehicle on Friday, scoring a mere five points out of a possible 100.

Consumer reports received responses on more than 300,000 vehicles this year, detailing information from model years 2000 to 2021 as part of this survey.

Many complaints about Tesla have to do with poor customer service and issues with individual pieces of technology within their vehicles like the climate control system.

On Friday, some Tesla owners even found themselves locked out of their vehicles after the company’s mobile app suffered an outage, preventing drivers who use the app as a car key from accessing their vehicles.

On its website, Consumer Reports shows how it obtains its rankings for reliability:

“For reliability, we ask members to note any problems with their vehicles that occurred in the previous 12 months. They are asked to identify problems that they considered serious (because of cost, failure, safety or downtime). We ask them to include problems covered by warranty, but not the ones resulting from accident damage or due solely to recall.

“Respondents check off problems from a list of trouble areas, ranging from the engine and transmission to climate system, brakes, electrical system and power accessories. They also tell us in writing (verbatim) specifically what their experiences were to help us understand precisely what problems they are having.”

Lincoln was the only automaker to score lower on the survey than Tesla. Sorry, Matthew McConaughey.


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