Tow Truck Training: Wreckmaster offers new program, highest level of training for tow truck drivers in Canada

Vancouver, B.C. — Tow truck drivers can now receive the highest level of training offered in Canada with the introduction of a new Level 8/9 training course. 

Tow truck driving is considered one of the most dangerous professions in the world, every year hundreds of operators die on the scene due to the life-threatening situations they are put on a daily-basis. 

This new course delivered by Wreckmaster is aimed at preparing these professionals for the hazards that await. 

The course, titled 8/9R, is an “intensive program reserved for those who want to be considered the best in our industry,” says the course description. 

Throughout the five-day program, participants learn how to deal and prepare with the most complex and dangerous situations. 

They also learn how to stay safe on the scene, how to use a rotator safely and effectively, turn your truck’s boom and wire into a bridle, and much, much more. 

On the final day of the course, participants must pass an exam in order to receive their certification. 

For more information on Wreckmaster’s new course, click here


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