The Polyvance Advantage: Polyvance launches ‘Basics of Plastic Repair’ online course

Toronto, Ontario — Class is in session at Polyvance University, as the automotive plastics developer launches “Basics of Plastic Repair”, a new online course aimed at addressing an expanding gap in technician training.

According to Polyvance’s press release from Tuesday, “technician turnover and a general hesitancy to repair damaged plastic parts have created a need for easily accessible training on plastic repair.”

For a mere $5, technicians can sign up for Polyvance University’s first online course and get equipped with introductory knowledge on topics like plastic identification, plastic preparation plastic refinishing, as well as six different repair methods.

The course consists of 17 modules and will take approximately one hour to complete. The average lesson length is about four minutes, and the course can be started and stopped at any time to accommodate the student’s schedule.

Technicians interested in this new course can visit Polyvance’s online training portal. The company is planning for a number of follow-up courses to be offered through Polyvance University in the near future.


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