The Deciding Renovo-te: Renovo wins award for ADAS management software

Toronto, Ontario – Frost & Sullivan has announced that they are recognizing Renovo with the 2020 North American Enabling Technology Leadership Award for their data management software.

Renovo’s first-of-its-kind edge-centric ADAS (Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems) data management system offers fast, reliable and advanced automotive data solutions and helps automakers improve feature-development, increase customer satisfaction and develop new revenue streams.

“Today’s car manufacturers have major software-centric challenges—self-driving, electrification, over-the-air updates—that require continuous iteration driven by a perpetual supply of real-world data, and yet no way exists to move these massive data sets from the vehicles to the cloud,” said industry analyst Melek Ozturk.

“Renovo’s platform leverages the vehicle’s built-in edge computing power to refine the raw data into compact and economical insights that can be moved efficiently on a real-time basis across an entire fleet of vehicles.”

The team at Renovo strives to refine and organize the ADAS data-collection process through the use of their software.

“At Renovo, we provide our automotive customers with solutions that refine and fully utilize the tremendous amount of data being produced by today’s connected vehicles,” said Renovo CCO Robin Nijor. 

“We are humbled to receive Frost & Sullivan’s award that recognizes the hard work of our team. We want to thank our customers and industry partners who have helped us scale our award-winning platform over the past ten years.”

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