The 2017 Buyer’s Guide will help you find the best solutions

Need to find equipment, supplies or training? How about government departments, insurers, the OEMs or distributors? Rest assured, it’s all in the Buyer’s Guide!

By CRM Staff

Peterborough, Ontario — June 21, 2017 — You have the power to advance your business with Collision Repair magazine’s 2017 Buyer’s Guide. It’s now available online as a digital version of the magazine (click here) or as a searchable database on our website. (click here) and coming soon in print to your mailbox! 

It is the key reference for business success for the rest of 2017. Drawing from the resources of Collision Repair magazine’s more than 15 years of publication, this Buyer’s Guide is a comprehensive view of the collision repair industry today, and tomorrow.

There may have been a time when all the tools you needed were a good hammer and a welder, but what you need to make effective repairs today is now infinitely more complex. Shops are inundated with a million possible purchasing decisions for relevant, up-to-date resources that will make a positive impact in repair times and quality.

Different shops face different problems, and it’s difficult to make an informed decision with so many options, and diverse opinions. What you need to know is if this paint, if this welder, if this scanning system, is right for your business, and will it make you money?

That’s why a resource like this Buyer’s Guide is so important, to guide shop owners through the maze of new products, and new possibilities. Giving you as much information as possible brings you one step closer to the right purchasing decision.

Make sure to check out the online searchable database to keep updated on all your manufacturer contacts. Just click here to see how easy it is to get information.

You’ll find showcased in this magazine an overview of the resources of the collision repair industry as a whole, not just with products, but with a near infinite directory of information—all the research, leg-work, and know-how you could need—making sure you can connect your shop with the companies that will help you make the best steps forward.

Check out our curated collection of the most innovative tools and equipment for 2017, starting on page 13.

Read up on the latest and greatest in new items with the Product Spotlights, starting on page 21. These are sorted into broad categories to make it easy to find what you’re looking for. From the nitty-gritty of abrasives to the latest in scanning technology, you’ll find it all here.

There’s more to the business than new equipment and the latest tools. The Collision Repair magazine 2017 Buyer’s Guide has you covered here as well. The Directory Listings start on page 65 and cover insurance partners, consolidators, accreditation programs, equipment manufacturers and suppliers, the OEMs and much more!

You can think of the Directory Listings as your personal phone book for the industry, all gathered into one place, but there’s even more. Collision Repair magazine has reached out to many of the top distributors and consolidators in Canada for their personal take on the business, what they’ve learned over the years and how they can put that knowledge to use helping you to succeed!

Keeping all this information straight is a task all of its own. Don’t worry. We’ve included a complete Product Index starting on page 114. It’s organized by category and alphabetically, so it’s a snap to find what exactly what you’re looking for.

You can dive into the Collision Repair magazine 2017 Buyer’s Guide at this link today!

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